13 Eastern States and Washington DC Asked to Conserve Electric


After the "Polar Vortex" blew its frigid air into much of the us including Florida, where temperatures dipped into the lower 30s overnight, accompanied by 20s wind-chill. Electric distribution became a huge issue for Northeastern States untility Provider PJM.

The public is asked to conserve electricity use Tuesday in the current deep freeze by the PJM Interconnection, the electricity grid operator for more than 61 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Customers are asked to conserve from 3 to 7 p.m., as they were from 6 to 9 a.m. Tuesday.
Here are the steps to take.

  • Set thermostats lower.
  • Postpone use of major electric appliances, like stoves, dishwashers and clothes dryers until mid-day or after 9 p.m., when demand decreases.
  • Turn off electric lights and appliances you are not using or do not need.

If necessary, PJM could take additional steps, such as reducing voltage.

One area business voluntarily conserving electricity Tuesday at the request of PJM is Susquehanna Bank in Lititz.

Susquehanna Bank is running generators at its main office in Lititz, which takes 440 employees off the electrical grid, said spokesman Matthew Kemeny.

PPL says it is topped its existing peak demand record of 7,577 megawatts for its service territory — 29 counties in central and eastern Pennsylvania — set in February 2007, said Joe Nixon Jr., PPL spokesman.

Preliminary numbers show 7,600 megawatts by 8 a.m. Tuesday.

To read the full story by Pennlive and access PJM Resources click here

Unlike northern states, Living in Florida allows us the leisure of summer-like days within the winter seasons, with only brief clusters of actual chilly temps. Even out here in Florida extreme and sudden change in temperature (heat and cold) causes electric wires to expand and contract.

While not always visible if left unattended the effects on electrical components can be detrimental. Expanded or contracted conductors are electrical hazards causing:

  • Increased resistance or interrupted Electrical flow.
  • Faulty inconsistent circuits can cause spikes with excessive or insufficient power to Electric Appliance and Devices resulting permanent in Damage.
  • Overheated wires leading to fires.


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