Electrical Fire in a Corpus Christi High-Rise


A 21 Story building in Corpus christi Texas, home base to a number of business is closed off due to an Electrical Fire.

A 21 Story building in Corpus christi Texas, home base to a number of business is closed off due to an electrical fire. It's a well-known structure -- the 21-story 600 Building houses a number of businesses and law offices, including the local Fox TV affiliate. Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell took a look at how those businesses have been affected.

The businesses were closed on Wednesday, and could be closed for the rest of the week. It was around 11 p.m. Tuesday when fire trucks surrounded the 600 Building after the building had filled with smoke.

Corpus Christi Fire Department Captain James Brown said the smoke was caused by an electrical fire. Luckily, there was not any structural damage, but it did affect power to the building. Employees showed up to work on Wednesday to find dark hallways and closed signs on the doors.

"We were just told they had an electrical fire and that there's no telling how long the building is going to be out of operation," said Leslie Cavazos, who works on the 20th floor of the building.

"I went to work and the lights are out, so the building personnel gave me this light," said Bob Owen, who works on the 11th floor. "Went up, got my work, you see. Something to do with the electrical went out."

The building holds various businesses, a cafe and the local Fox TV affiliate, which was off-air for a short time as a result of the power being shut off. A person who works in the building said that it could be next week before power is fully restored.

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