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Common Symptoms your Home may be in need of an Electrical Checkup

At Deep Electric we recommend always having a professional attempt Electrical repairs to your property. In the lifetime of every home, issues and cause for repairs are inevitable. While not everything electric require a professional e.g; changing out light bulbs, if and when uncertain always keep safety and property damage prevention in mind.

Deep Electric Residential Home Service

The Remodeling Industry Continues to show signs of Much Needed Growth

The Construction Industry continues to show signs of life in new Construction and Remodeling. After a few years of what seemed to be the end of a once thriving industry, new signs of life and continued growth is much welcomed...

(Bacteria) New developments in Renewable Electrical Energy

New developments in Renewable Electrical Energy. Subtle changes in matter from solids to liquids, liquids to gases and vice versa... happens around us everyday releasing energy in some form or another. Scientific research now reveals that bacterial spores could store energy through the process of evaporation...

Electrical Fire in a Corpus Christi High-Rise

A 21 Story building in Corpus christi Texas, home base to a number of business is closed off due to an Electrical Fire.

Receptacle Outlet Cause of Building Fire

Routine Maintenance and Inspection of electrical devices and equipment may seem somewhat mundane yet an absolute necessity to property loss prevention and most importantly human safety.

CHAMPAIGN — Officials said on Monday that an electrical outlet caused a fire at a University of Illinois residence hall Sunday night, but they are still not exactly sure why the outlet failed.