Mandatory Fluorescent Changes for 2012


With today’s Energy standards, many of the older Lighting Systems in service are very Energy Inefficient. Today's technology allows the same amount or more light, yet operates at a Fraction of your normal Energy Consumption, up to 45%-60% less energy.

How It Works…

You may be familiar with the old fluorescent lighting fixtures found in many Commercial buildings, majority of cases these are dull, poorly lit fixtures with T12 lamps. These lamps are powered by old, Magnetic Ballasts which consume an over abundance of energy – most of which is wasted as heat.

Newer, Electronic Ballasts are much more energy efficient than the Magnetic Ballasts. Some of these use only 25% of the energy, it’s magnetic predecessor would have wasted. Though these devices use only a fraction of the energy, they still provide enough power to provide your facility with equal or greater light levels than you current system is providing.

  • Less energy used translates directly into lower utility bills from the Electric Company.
  • Switching over not only provides better Efficiency and lowered Energy bills, it is also good for the Environment.

Why Make The Switch ?

Magnetic Ballasts and T12 lamps, are so inefficient that they are actually being phased out of production by manufacturers because they do not meet today's standards for energy efficiency. As of July 1, 2010, The Department of Energy (DOE) prohibited the manufacture of T12 Magnetic Ballasts solely for replacement purposes. And on July 1, 2012, production of T12 lamps was altogether phased out, Following new (DOE) Fluorescent lamp regulations. This new technology not only costs less to maintain, it looks nicer, provides better light and lasts longer.

Right now is the best time to make the switch from old, Inefficient T12s and Magnetic Ballasts to Energy Efficient lighting as these projects are eligible for multiple incentives which significantly offset the cost of the Capital Improvement.

  1. Utility Incentives: Energy Efficient Retrofits may be eligible for incentives.
  2. EPAct Tax Incentive: Projects that update the lighting system in a specific area are also eligible for a line item tax deduction good for up to .60/square foot of the area that was updated.
  3. Raw Energy Savings: Especially now that the rates for Energy have increased, you can recoup the cost of your upgrade even faster since they can save you up to 50% on your lighting bill.

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